Environmental Health Awareness and Information Tool

Environmental Health Awareness and Information Tool

Environmental Health Australia has worked collaboratively with the Local Government Association of SA to develop an ‘environmental health awareness and information resource’ for school students. This project was supported by the Local Government Research and Development Scheme.

Council EHOs play a pivotal role in educating and promoting the role of environmental health within their own communities. This ‘student resource package’ aims to assist Council Environmental Health Sections with their presentations to local schools and community groups. The resources aim to raise awareness of the environmental health profession and the important role of Councils in protecting the health of their communities.

You can access the student resource package below:

EHO Hero to Protect Video

EHO Here to Protect Flyer

EHO Here to Protect Presentation

EHA (SA) encourages Council Environmental Health Sections to use the resource package when presenting to secondary schools and general community groups. The EHA (SA) Board welcomes your feedback on the resource materials.