EHO Training and Induction Tool for SA

EHO Training and Induction Tool for SA

EHO Training Induction Tool for SA

We are pleased to announce that the Environmental Health Australia (SA) EHO Training & Induction Program is now complete and available on the EHA Knowledge Base.

The tool is the product of a working party from the EHA Manager’s Forum and aims to assist in providing a relevant, credible and consistent approach to the induction of EHOs across South Australia. The tool is specific to the South Australian context and links extensively with the nationally developed enHealth Environmental Health Officer Skills and Knowledge Matrix.

The Induction tool is non-mandatory and is not designed to replace standard Council induction processes, but rather to enhance them by providing a comprehensive induction tool that is environmental health specific. It has been complied by various subject matter experts from across the profession and provides you an up-to-date resource to induct environmental health staff. The document points a new EHO, a manager or any other interested party in the right direction to find out about each of the various environmental health portfolio areas. To make things even simpler, the document contains hyperlinks to relevant resources and can even be a great refresher for experienced EHOs who are keen to keep their knowledge current.

The tool contains some general contextual information to help guide EHO learning in a local government context, including information on qualifications, Authorisation, Delegations, Work Health & Safety as well as fees/charges relevant to an EHO. There is a brief overview on enforcement, as well as a pre-induction self-assessment survey which can be used to guide and inform the development of an officer-specific training plan. The document also contains some general summary information about key aspects of each portfolio area and a series of competency assessment tables to document development progress in each area.

The intention is that the working group who compiled the document will undertake periodic updates to try and make sure that the document stays current, and that the many embedded hyperlinks still work down the track (we all know how often web addresses can change). The working group encourage your feedback on the document, in order to provide you with the best possible resource into the future. Feedback can be provided through Roxanne Clarke.

We have specifically left the document in Microsoft Word format to allow users to tailor/modify the document to suit individual needs, and to complete competency tables electronically if preferable to hard copy.

Thanks to everyone who contributed information to the document, and especially to the working party (Karen Rokicinski, Adam Filipi, Karen Ferres and Darren Isgar) who have dedicated a great deal of time to this project over the past 18 months.

We hope you find the new tool to be a useful resource!